Swami Atul Anand speaking on Swamiji

In 1978, Osho sent Swamiji to start the center in Delhi. A new connection, a new relation developed with Swamiji, which was not of a father, nor a guru or of a friend. It was a new relationship, a strange relationship, a blend of all relationships. Swamiji took me to meet Osho, told me about the master disciple relationship. So to me Swamiji was the bridge who connected me to Osho. I cannot call him my guru. I understood the real essence of a disciple by being with him, what a disciple does and what is the work of Osho, and how it is done. I worked with him for 25 years and I remember him saying in the last few years especially after 1990 when Osho left His body. He often said that Osho is calling him. I started to feel how do I prepare for his departure. It seemed that the preparation had began but at the time and the moment he bid farewell, it was clearly felt that no preparation can be done and we could not stop him. When the ocean called, the drop or anyone near the drop could not stop the drop from merging with the ocean.

After he had departed, his physical presence is strongly missed but there is no sadness, there is rather a strange feeling of happiness that Osho has called and merged him with Himself. We have never felt such energy and happiness before. When one is confronted by queries like what an Osho disciple is like, what is the work he does, one can always get inspired by Swamiji’s life.

I would like to share one thing that I learnt from Swamiji about the meditations and about his own inner journey and the work of Osho. Be it the inner journey or the work of Osho that we do in the outside world, I have got ample opportunities to do Osho work with Swamiji and  from time to time he used to say that stretch your legs, He will spread the blanket. Sources and resources are His, He is the doer, get out of your own way, let it develop, grow and spread and this is what I feel about our own inner journeys  too that if we get out of our own way, His work becomes easier.

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