Interview by Swami Satya Bhakt Bharti

I was initiated into sannyas in Poona on Guru Purnima in 1976. When I shifted to Tilak nagar in Delhi, Swami Satyatirth, who had taken sannyas in the same year as me, informed that Bhagwan has sent Swami Om Prakash to Delhi to start a center and that Swamiji would need assistance in shifting from Kirti Nagar to South Delhi. It was during the summer vacations and since I am a teacher by profession, my school was closed, so I happily agreed. I met Swamiji for the first time in Kirti Nagar and as soon as I met him, my heart knew that I have found a guiding light and instantly I developed a connection with him. I felt that Osho has sent him to guide me in my journey. I came with Swamiji’s belongings to Rajyoga Rajneesh Dhyan Kendra. For the first time a miracle happened. While unloading a furniture, I slightly hurt my hand which turned a little bluish, athough there was no injury. When Swamiji came to know about it, he called me and very lovingly told me to do everything with full awareness. This was the first sutra Swamiji gave me. My inner journey started on that very day. I started to work in the center whenever I used to have my summer vacations and any other holidays. On the first day when I asked Swamiji that since you are alone, should I stay with you. Swamiji said “ I am not alone, Bhagwan is with me, You please go home”. I used to come to center from Tilak Nagar changing two buses. But I always felt that I am coming to my own home. Swamiji inspired me to make work my meditation. Meditations were also conducted here although no one used to come here in those days. We used to send invitations and whosoever used to come, Swamiji gave full attention to him. One day while I was doing an active meditation, Swamiji came to me. I had a strange weakness that I could not hold up my hands for long. He straightened my elbows, pulled them up and said keep them totally high and jump with the sound of hoo, then only you will get results. In my 25 years of association with Swamiji, I have never found a better guide to inspire in meditation, or a better camp facilitator or center facilitator who observed each individual’s progress.

He started weekends in Oshodham. He took care of each individual. After the meditations concluded, Swamiji always invited each individual and shared with them what improvement was needed. I am a heart patient and I remember one incident which is no less than a miracle. I had an heart attack in 1986 and my BP shot up. ECG was also giving wrong readings. I remained in AIIMS for nine days and how I survived I do not know. Seeing my physical condition, Swamiji asked me to stop doing active meditations. One day I was taking a walk in Oshodham when active meditation was in progress. He called me and scolded me, I said that I went out for a walk. Swamiji said “ Is this a place for picnic? This is a place for meditation. Sit beside me and do Vipasanna. You haven’t come here to spend a holiday.” So wherever Swamiji felt that something was wrong he always gave his insight whether someone likes it or not. I remember that a camp was organized in Talkatora Stadium in those days. About 300 friends participated. I haven’t seen such a camp till date. At that time I had a daughter who was about five years old. I stayed with Swamiji for three days and when the camp was being concluded, someone came with the news that my daughter is no more. I told Swamiji what has happened. Swamiji said “ go and happily bid farewell to her, your journey together has ended.” Swamiji advised me on my personal problems too. 25 years with Swamiji is a long time. I have many memories of those 25 years. Swamiji never let the center face any financial problems. When this building was bought, there was no greenery around. He gave full support in planting saplings and trees. He himself was involved in planting and very lovingly nurtured them too. He himself cleaned the meditation hall. He himself sat in the book counter to sell books and whosoever came to meditate, Swamiji never let him go without refreshment. It was in those days , I remember, refreshments and lunch almost went simultaneously and no one ever went back without having food here. Like Kabir, Swamiji used to give open invitations and every freedom was there for those who who came to work here and whosoever wanted to volunteer was always welcomed. Swamiji followed the vision of Osho and Ma Laxmi but he never compromised on discipline. Swamiji never let a single change in the meditation techniques devised by Osho. He conducted meditation camp in Rohtak and connected the people of Rohtak with Osho. A time came when the meditation hall in center fell small for the meditators. Vanful of Osho friends used to come from Rohtak. Kirtan was at its height. In the beginning, I remember that there was no one to do the household chores, but when kirtan started, the center also became hub of activities and people continues to get connected.

All we can learn from him is to regularly do the meditations devised by Osho and whatsoever we do in the material world has to be done with full awareness. I still remember that Osho had once said that Swami Om Prakashji is now complete with meditations, he should run a center and do my work. But still Swamiji continued meditating as for him it was the only mantra. Swamiji’s effort was to do as much Osho’s work as possible. When center seemed too small for meditations then he started searching for a new place. Whether winter or summer, he continued to conduct weekend camps at Oshodham. Whether two persons come or four, he took a full camp. When people started coming to Oshodham from faraway places, he was very happy. He used to call me up to ask how many people have turned up and lately he was satisfied that now Oshodham was utilized to its full potential.

For Osho he had total surrender – body, mind and soul. In my opinion he lived only to carry out the work of Osho from the time he took sannyas. His only aim in life was to bring Osho closer to people so that more and more people could get connected with Osho, meditations and with Osho’s love.

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