Interview by Swami Chaitanya Keerti

Once you are initiated as disciple, you leave everything to the master, whatever he tells you to do, you do it without questioning, without raising any doubt. So whether Osho asked Swamiji to stay with him in Poona or go to Delhi to start a center in Delhi, Swamiji takes it as his growth process with love, devotion, dedication and surrender. So this is how the center started in Delhi. Without bringing his own self or ego in it what would happen to me when I am too far away from my master. You are not far away, you may be physically far away from the master but the master is not a physical entity. Master is a universal consciousness and master functions beyond time and space. Master even functions when he is no more in the body. Master says that even if you are gone to another planet, I will be available to you. With this trust a disciple can go anywhere and start working and he would become the vehicle of the master.

There are two dimensions to work. One on working on one’s self, the deeper you go into meditation the more transparent you become. You actually realize what master’s work is, the more you grow the more you can help others grow. Only then you can share the experience on an existential level, not intellectual or verbal. That where the phenomena of energy, vibration, that becomes important and that works wonders. Swamiji was working both ways. Like there was a physical part of making books, tapes, space available for meditators to come, but at the same time if he is meditating his presence is also working. So the flowering happened in both directions. The physical part is that Osho Dham blossomed, Oshoworld blossomed and the center blossomed. And the other thing is that he blossomed. So the other things are the manifestations of his inner self. The more a disciple grows in meditation, it would manifest in so many things.

This is the ultimate flowering of a potential that we all carry, becoming fully illumined, no corner in your existence is in dark. This is all illumination, there is all clarity. In no terms you can say there are any confusion in your life. You are not there, actually this light is there. You as an ego is gone. His light is godliness, divinity. That’s enlightenment. Then, you do not function as an ego, as a separate entity. You become a medium or vehicle of the godliness or the master, the stream that is coming from him flows through you. But in the west or in normal terms, people who are intellectual or people who are educated are thought to be enlightened but in the world of Buddhas, mystics, enlightenment is a totally different phenomenon. Enlightenment is something that like Kabir syas “ Boond samana samunder mein”, the drop has dissolved into the ocean or “samunder samana boond mein” the ocean has dissolved into the drop. That enormous phenomenon is enlightenment, its not like becoming educated as the western terminology says like this is enlightened age but that age doesnot happen, there is no age as enlightenment. Only few individuals who attain to their realization or potential, a Buddha, a mahavira, a Krishna, so when a disciple surrenders completely he attains to that like meera becming one with Krishna.

We can say because we have been with our master and have seen how his energy has touched us. Whenver somebody blossoms and reaches that level that energy is going to touch you if you are open and receptive and that preparatio had happened to us by living with Osho. So we know what happens when somebody attains to enlightenment. Swamiji himself declared but we felt it. So it not something that somebody comes and tells you tha I am enlightenment, it is not a ego statement, it is something like you know when you taste something, its authentic taste on a subtler level. So, when you go and sit near him you don’t feel like getting away, because you are continuously sharing his vibration, his enery that you donot want to part. You are in a electromagnetic field.

After Swamiji left his body, from that moment onward, the feeling I got in this place was like a plane with full passengers taking off. Suddenly, it is a collective upliftment. We all soar into the sky together. It was a collective feeling and that continues, that feeling of collective flight into a new dimension unknown before, so new vistas open. There is a collective gravitional pull and there is a collective pull of the grace. So together you are being pulled up. So that being pulled up feeling collectively was there and it was very subtle and it continues to be. “Hawa main who umang hai, who tarang hai ki kisi aur aayam mein hamari yatra ho rahi hai.”

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